Sharks suffer from bad public image

A new analysis determined that negative media reports about sharks and shark attacks are hindering shark conservation efforts. According to the analysis, Australian and U.S. news articles are more likely to focus on shark attacks than on shark conservation issues.

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Shark ‘saves’ Toakai Teitoi after 4 months at sea

A DAY after watching a film about being lost at sea, Toakai Teitoi was trapped in his own nightmare, drifting in a wooden boat for 15 weeks – before a shark helped to rescue him.

see –

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Name a Whale Shark – and win!

Seabreeze (Exmouth) have a competition – a prize which includes accommodation, flights and a swim with a whale shark at Ningaloo!


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Help whale shark conservation from home

CITIZEN scientists are being urged to get involved in the conservation of Ningaloo Reef’s whale sharks by helping to transcribe daily reports on the species.

A volunteer program set up by the Atlast of Living Australia along with Sydney’s Australian Museum lets online participants get actively involved in conservation efforts.

Volunteer Portal team leader Paul Flemons said the online volunteers, or “citizen scientists”, helped provide critical information about the species by transcribing the daily report of spotter planes over Ningaloo Reef, 1200km north of Perth.

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TED@Sydney: A deep dive into the world of whale sharks

TED Talk on ‘citizen science’ – how people power is helping to save this THREATENED species.

Help get this message to an influential audience at the TED 2013 conference (California) – by voting online – see Brad Norman – TED Talk.

Technology – and input from the public – can achieve similar success for a huge range of species.

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The UK Takes Steps to Protect Endangered Sharks

Endangered sharks will be given greater protection following the signing of the CMS Memorandum of Understanding on Migratory Sharks by the United Kingdom on 18 June.

Full story

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Shark species more diverse than previously thought

A genetic study of thousands of specimens of sharks and rays has uncovered scores of potential new species and is fuelling biologists’ debates over the organisation of the family tree of these animals. The work also raises the possibility that some species are even more endangered than previously thought.

Read full article at Nature news:

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