Whale shark lost in the southern ocean?

A West Australian sardine fisherman has described how a rare tropical whale shark surfaced near his boat in the Southern Ocean, surprising himself and local scientists.

Once Mr Westerberg realised it was a whale shark, he knew he was witnessing a rare event and contacted local marine biologist Brad Norman as soon as he got back to shore.

Mr Norman told him it was the first time a whale shark had been spotted so far south.


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China to stop serving shark fin soup?

“Facing huge pressure from conservationists around the world, the Chinese government recently announced that shark fin soup will likely be banned from official banquets within the next one to three years”.


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Tagging project delay defended


4 April 2012

The next phase of a project to tag great white sharks could begin within weeks in the South West and a crew is expected to go to Kalbarri today to try to tag sharks after three sightings at Blue Holes in a week.

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Shark census


4 April 2012

THE seas around our 300-plus islands are abuzz with anticipation for the Great Fiji Shark Count. From tourism operators, adventurers, marine researchers, coastal fishermen, deep sea anglers, anyone with a love for the blue and the wonders living in it, it’s a time to check who is alive down there, and how many.

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‘We didn’t know touching whale sharks was wrong’


3 April 2012

The small coastal  barangay of North Granada in Boljoon town, southern Cebu, pleaded ignorance after being heavily criticized for mishandling a  whale shark that was stranded there.

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Indonesia’s Shark Fin Trade


3 April 2012

The lowly reef shark, it seems, is not a very dangerous beast despite its menacing appearance. It grows to be anywhere from 5 to 10 feet in length, constantly hunting squid and shellfish as well as almost any other type of fish haunting tropical reefs.

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Facebook photo of hapless whale shark sparks online outrage


2 April 2012

A Facebook photo of a girl riding atop a whale shark and assisted by a native in barangay Granada in Boljoon town, southern Cebu stirred up a tempest of outrage among the Filipino cyber community yesterday.

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