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Shark species more diverse than previously thought

A genetic study of thousands of specimens of sharks and rays has uncovered scores of potential new species and is fuelling biologists’ debates over the organisation of the family tree of these animals. The work also raises the possibility that … Continue reading

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Whale shark lost in the southern ocean?

A West Australian sardine fisherman has described how a rare tropical whale shark surfaced near his boat in the Southern Ocean, surprising himself and local scientists. Once Mr Westerberg realised it was a whale shark, he knew he was witnessing … Continue reading

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China to stop serving shark fin soup?

“Facing huge pressure from conservationists around the world, the Chinese government recently announced that shark fin soup will likely be banned from official banquets within the next one to three years”. http://www.care2.com/causes/china-to-stop-serving-shark-fin-soup-at-official-functions.html

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